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Best Power Washing Service Hollywood FL

Great news! We are a power washing company that offers power washing services for homes in Hollywood Florida. We power wash all different types of surfaces, so if you need power washing give us a call today!

We offer power washing of many kinds including power washing your home’s exterior, power washing the exterior of your commercial building, or power washing the exterior of your home. If you have a power washer already, we can powerwash any type of surface that will be compatible with your power washer.

We have a professional team that power washes your home or business exterior to make it look SPOTLESS. Forget about power washing yourself, power washing is tough work and very tiring, especially if you’re trying to powerwash a large building. We power wash anything our customers want us to powerwash so give us a call now!

the word clean spelled with a power washing in dirty concrete
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When you trust us with your exterior cleaning needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

Man cleaning patio with high pressure cleaner

Hard Surface Washing

Our hard surface washing will leave your house with a shine and make it look brand new.
Man cleaning vinyl siding with power washer

Home Exterior Cleaning

We make sure that with our home exterior cleaning services, your exterior surface removes dirt and stains easily.
Cleaning leaves from gutter system

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutter is a chore that never seems to end. Our company power washes gutter to ensure that they are clean and free of any blockages.
Man cleaning sides of industrial building

Commercial Power Washing

As a commercial power washing company, we make sure that we power wash your home and business like it were our own.

Overview of our Power Washing Company

Power washing is something that people either love or hate. For power washing to be effective, the object you are power washing needs to be completely soaked through to the point that it’s wetter than you’d like it to be. This is also one of power washing’s drawbacks, because if you power wash too early in the morning or too late at night then your power washing services will be less effective.

As a power washing company, we ensure that power washing is done at the right time of day.

At our company, you can power wash your home exterior, gutter cleaning, or get a power washing maintenance plan that gets your home clean and free of pests before they even have the chance to take up residence in your power washing services.

If you’re power washing your own home, power wash away from busy roads and other areas where people could get injured or damage property. And be sure to power wash when it’s not windy out!

To save time and money, power washing companies often use power washers that use water mixed with other chemicals including bleach to get surface power washed efficiently. Our power washing company uses only the latest power washing technology and equipment so you can feel confident about your power washing services.

If you want the best power washing service possible, you need a power washing company that is trustworthy, efficient, and has the power washing know-how to power wash your home or business’s power washing services.

If you live in Hollywood or nearby areas, call us today for power washing services that are both affordable and effective!

the word clean spelled with a power washing in dirty concrete
Hollywood Power Washing Pros made an amazing impact by power washing my driveway. The workers were very courteous and did exactly what they said they would do. All of the black stains are gone from my driveway, sidewalks, front porch area, back patio area…the power washing worked better than I could have ever imagined! And it was done at an incredibly affordable price. Thank you for making this scenario a very pleasant experience.
Sherri C.
Hollywood Power Washing Pros has done a great job on my gutter and on my house. They’re both spotless after their visit.
Kathy R.
Comp came out and did an outstanding job on my home! I had a lot of black marks all over my driveway because it was right by the street. The entire area looked like it had never even been touched before, and the price was very affordable too! This is definitely a company that will deliver 100% satisfaction to their customers; I would recommend their services to anyone in need of power washing.
Darrin B.

Our Power Washing Services

See below for more information about our top notch pressure washing services.

Hard Surface Washing

Our hard surface washing is used for power washing driveways, floors, roofs, and other surfaces such as houses and outbuildings.

When power washing any surface you should consider the direction of the power wash and the best time to power wash. For example, power washing a driveway during or just after rainfall can create puddles that will lead to stains on the concrete. It’s usually best to power wash driveways before rainfall.

The power washing process should be started by first pre-washing the surface with soap and water, then power washing the surface using a power washer that has an appropriate tip for the power washer. If there are stains, power wash over them twice. Rinse off the soap residue after power washing driveways, roofs, or any other hard surface.

Our company power washes roofs and power washers the flat concrete roof areas at commercial properties. We power wash both green roofs and black roofs.

Our power washing service we offer includes power washing driveways, patios, swimming pool decks, outdoor furniture, and other surfaces such as homes and outbuildings. We power wash aluminum and vinyl siding (no power washing brick). When power washing a home, power wash the entire exterior of the house and power wash gutters (both surface power washing and pressure washing with a power washer). If power washing windows, we recommend using ladders that lock into place.

We have a team of experts that can power wash any home, business, or property.

Man cleaning patio with high pressure cleaner

Home Exterior Cleaning

In cleaning your home exterior, you are not only giving your home a makeover look, but also making it more energy-efficient by eliminating its power-sucking dirt. Aside from power washing, we offer other power washing services that you can choose from…

With our home exterior cleaning services, we will make your home look brand new. Not just power washing, we also offer roof cleaning and gutter cleaning so you can enjoy complete power washing and overall maintenance services.

The procedure that we use to power wash your home exterior is safe and gentle. Because we only use the gentlest power washing compounds, we can power wash your home safely without worrying about damage or destruction of your paint.

We power wash all types of homes – from vinyl siding and wood shingles to concrete and stucco exteriors. We power wash all kinds of homes, and we guarantee you that your home will look fantastic after power washing.

After power washing services, make sure to keep your house power-free for at least 24 hours. This is to ensure proper drying of the exterior to prevent any damage. Keep it power-free until power washing has completely dried out.

Keeping power wires down on the ground, powering off air conditioners, and keeping entry doors power-free on power washing day is important. Just make sure that power-free means power-free!

So, if you want power washing, call us today for all your power washing needs!

Man cleaning vinyl siding with power washer

Gutter Cleaning

We also offer gutter cleaning and power washing. Water backs up in your gutters and can cause extensive damage to your home.

We power wash all exterior surfaces of your home, from vinyl siding to brick, from cement sidewalks to painted wood decks, from roofs to fences…anything that interrupts the flow of water away from your house.

Power washing is effective because the power washer is held at least 12 " away from the surface being power washed, so it can’t damage any surfaces.

In cleaning your gutter, we power wash the downspouts while they are attached to your home. We power wash them while they are still in their pockets, while power washing your exterior surfaces, and attach brand new ones before we leave.

Your gutter system is made up of three main components; gutters, splash blocks (or “downspouts”), and the downspout extenders (or “regulators”). Gutters are typically made of aluminum or vinyl. Splash blocks can be either PVC or cast iron, and the downspout regulators attach to the splash blocks and lead water into underground drains that keep it away from your house.

Your power washing specialist will clean all three components of your gutters, replacing any damaged parts with the finest quality products available.

For power washing service in Hollywood FL visit or call us now!

Cleaning leaves from gutter system

Commercial Power Washing

As a commercial power washing company, we make sure to power wash any commercial building as per the owner’s specifications. These include power washing hospitals, power washing schools, power washing warehouses, power washing office buildings, power washing banks, and credit unions, etc. We also power wash restaurants as well as gas stations.

We have everything it takes to power wash any type of commercial building.

We power wash all surfaces including walls, roofs, parking lots, sidewalks, streets, exterior walkways, and garage doors. Our power washing services can make sure your commercial property will be spotless and looking its best.

As the power washers in our company are all degreed professionals who do power washing, we can power wash any commercial building to your specifications.

We power wash any residential or commercial building and will give you the power washing service that you are looking for.

We power wash with water only, but our power washers are also degreed in power washing with chemicals when it is needed. We will power wash your commercial building to perfection with the power washing service you are looking for that will give you results that you can be proud of having us powerwash your property!

You can contact us by calling today or you can power wash your property with which is the power washing company that you can trust to get any job done right!

Man cleaning sides of industrial building

Soft Washing

Soft washing is a pressure cleaning process that uses a power washer with a spray tip of less than 1200 psi. We use a chemical degreaser and a power washer to clean your home without damage or power washing residue. We power wash homes, roofs, driveways, sidewalks, patios, vinyl siding, stucco walls, and more!

For power washing in Hollywood, power wash your home with us! We power wash homes in Hollywood, FL. Soft washing is something that we specialize in here at power washing company!

For power washing in Hollywood, FL we offer power washing solutions that no one else can match! We power wash homes and commercial properties with the power washer to get your home looking as good as new again! Sometimes power washing residue is left behind after a power washing company power washes your home. Our power washing company offers a power washing service that will leave you with a clean and power-washed home without power washing residue!

For more on our power washing services, please visit the following: power wash my house, power wash my roof, and pressure wash my driveway!

When we power wash your home or commercial property, power washing residue is something that we strive to avoid! Our power washing service will have you with a power-washed home with no power washer residue left behind.

For power washing in Hollywood FL, we offer unbeatable power washing services at unbeatable prices! Call us today to power wash your home!

man cleaning wooden deck
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Our Approach

Our company power washing has power washed many homes and businesses in the Hollywood, FL area. By power washing we mean removing dirt and grime from building exteriors - including concrete, brick, wood siding, and painted surfaces; cleaning gutters both inside and out; power washing windows of all types to include storm windows with screens on the outside; power washing roofs to help keep moss, algae, dirt, and debris from building up on shingles.

There are many perks to power washing your home or business including getting rid of dirt, grime, mold spores, mildew that may be hiding on the exterior of your home and making it look livelier and healthier. It also helps to power wash off moss, algae, and spores that can damage or even destroy the exterior of your structure.

With our services, we guarantee power washing your home or business will increase its value and make it more appealing to potential buyers should you decide to put your property up for sale. So, if you’re looking for a power washing company where you can trust your money and time, call us now!

Frequently asked questions
It can depend on how tall and large your home is and also if there are power lines or power poles obstructing power washing the home. The power washing costs of power washing a yard are usually less inexpensive than power washing a house or power washing a deck.
Power washing can damage concrete and pavers if power washing is performed incorrectly. Power washing must always be performed by power washing professionals. If power washing is done incorrectly, power washing equipment can damage the concrete or paver surface.
There are different types of power washing and power washing techniques that can be utilized to wash a home’s exterior. The power washer should always use the power washer technique specific for the home’s exterior siding, i.e., power washing cedar siding. With power washing cedar siding, power washing professionals typically power wash cedar siding with a moderate power wash that is enough to remove dirt and other stains from the wood, but not to power wash away or strip off the wood’s natural oils.
The power washing machine is available for $3 per cubic foot. We power wash all types of concrete, wood decks and fences, pavers, and more. For power washing in Hollywood, is the company to trust!
One of the biggest misconceptions power washing brings about is that power washing or power-washing a deck will damage it. Many people think power-washing a deck will strip the finish from it. This is not power washing’s fault, though. The fact that power-washing a deck can damage or strip its finish if power-washed incorrectly.
Like most things, a car’s engine power washing is often not recommended by power washing specialists. If the power washer nozzle gets too close to the car’s engine it can damage some of the sensitive power steering components as well as the ignition coils. In order for power washing a car’s engine to be safe, the power washer must have a power washer nozzle that gets no closer than 5 inches to the power steering components.